Tips for essential mice care

Mice are amazing cute little pets which most of us are fond of. Any age group can care for them as they are very clean and friendly pet. They are great companions and are sure to keep you active. Before deciding on bringing this new little friend in your house, be geared up with the information required for mice care.

Checklists before you purchase mice.

  • Purchase the equipments required before you buy these mice.
  • Buy from the pet mouse breeder instead of pet stores if you want to invest in healthy mouse.
  • Never buy from pet stores or even breeders offering mice for sale as they may have hereditary problems and may carry forward to the next generation breed.
  • Get some female mice first as they are much friendlier and calmer as a group
  • The male should be kept separately as they are very aggressive to be treated as your first pet.
  • Always keep males and females separated as they may mate anytime of the year and give birth to, too many pups at one time.
  • The mice should not be timid, should have bright eyes and healthy and clean fur.
  • Unless buying a hairless breed, be careful not to buy mice with bald patches on their coating.
  • Many mice care videos are available online which will be worth reading as it will enlighten you for your new journey with these pocket-sized pet.
  • Consult your family doctor to know about any allergy associated with mice fur.
  • Consult a veterinarian near your house who can treat these tiny creatures in case of emergency.
  • Caring for pet mice may need a lot of patience and energy. Be sure you can invest time initially for these mice to sink in with the habitat.

Essential mice care requirements

Mice care should be planned and all your supplies should be ready before you bring in the pets.

  • Equipments: the most essential equipment for mice care is a big cage to keep them in one place as they are very notorious runners. Also the cage and the place should be well ventilated for their health. You will need a mouse carrier, bedding, dishes or drip-bottle to store food and water respectively. You will also need toys, exercise wheel and a hole like hidey, dark enough for these tiny pets to rest inside. To give them a real feeling throw some shredded paper or tissue papers so that they make a nest for themselves inside the cage.
  • Exercise: mice are otherwise very active rodents but when caged they need proper exercising devices to keep them fit. You need to provide them with a large exercising wheel so that they are able to run and play. Give them some inexpensive toys to fiddle with. Also you may hang a rope from above so that they may climb and play around. You may get some old toys or wheels from places where you get mice for sale.
  • Food and drink: keep a bowl of clean water and make sure to replace the water every day. Drip bottles can also be provided when they are too young. For solid feeding, give them small fruit pieces like carrot or apple. You may at times give dog biscuits, good hamster food, some breakfast cereals and also some dry cat food. Avoid cheese as most of them don’t like it and too much of it is not good for their health.
  • Grooming: these rodents are otherwise very clean. Only the big males may have a peculiar mice smell. No need to bathe them every day, you just need to keep their skin clean. It’s more important for you to keep the cage and their bedding clean as they might stink later on. Make sure not to replace every single item while cleaning as they may miss the old smell.
  • Environment: It’s very important to monitor the children at home when they handle these tiny creatures. Keep the mice away from other pets or animals that may be their probable predators. Wash your hand every time you hold them. Keep them away from sun exposure as overheating may kill them and also from toxic things.
  • Train them well. Train them to be comfortable every time you hold them and not move. Train them to sit in your hand or lap. Initially they may not let you hold them. Let them get adjusted with your hand smell. Train them slowly to climb up to your hand, or walk on your arms or shoulders. Mice care videos may be beneficial to train them.

Caring for pet mice may need a lot of time but ones you learn the art they will be your best companions to play with. Have a great experience from these pocket-sized pets.

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