What do mice not eat?

Parents and children there is no greater joy than owning a pet, or in my case there is no greater joy than owning mice. Theres something about taking care of small creatures that makes me feel great about myself.

As you can gather I love all things great and small, especially mice. Mice make wonderful pets and are a great way to teach children all about responsibilities.

Now back to my original point, you have decided to get a mouse, you travel all the way up to the pet store and choose your mouse, or mice (they like company, make sure you get same sex mice if you buy more than one as they can breed at an alarming rate!). You select a home for your mice, bearing in mind when you get home not to place it in direct sunlight and away from drafts and are all set…almost.

You need to buy some food for your mice, the simplest and easiest method is to buy a ready made mix for your lice to chow down on. Be careful when you choose this as small animals have different varieties of food, what’s good for rabbits’ is not good for mice.

You pick up the rest of the recommended buys and leave, you take home your mice and take care of them but did you know that there are some foods that you should never feed mice?

So what are the 3 foods you should never feed your mice…

Well, Chocolate, Raw meats and Acidic Vegetables (onions, garlic, etc), are bad for your mice’s health. You should never feed your mice these.

Like humans mice deserve a treat from time to time, and there are certain foods that you can give them as a treat a slice of apple, a tiny portion of cereal or even some dry bread are all allowed as a treat from time to time.

What about wild mice?

brown rodent on brown grass
What do mice in the wild eat?

So what do mice eat in the wild? Mice in the wild eat fruits and seeds that have fallen onto the ground. Some mice eat meat, such as insects or grasshoppers. Mice that live around farms will eat grain and whatever crops they can find.

So there you have it the 3 foods you should never feed your mice.

For more information on what to feed your mice to keep them in tip top shape head over to my web page by clicking on the link in my profile.

Did you know…

“Mice have to build their homes near sources of food because they like to eat 15 to 20 times per day”

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