What do pet mice eat?

In the wild, mice are scavengers and eat both meat and vegetation. They will even nibble on semi-edibles like candle wax and soaps. In short, they can eat nearly anything, which is the key to their survival. But you should not treat a pet mouse like its wild brothers and sisters. Pet mice raised in cages all their lives did not grow up eating just anything and have poor digestive resistance. To care for a pet mouse, consider what do mice eat that they like. Your food choice needs to be balanced and nutritious. You can have regular mouse food sold in packets at the pet store, and add on other varieties of food from your own table so your pet has some food options.

Different characteristic in different mice!

As you observe your pet mouse, you will notice that mice have personalities different from other mice. They have food they do not like and food they really like. It is fun experimenting on what your particular pet enjoys to eat. But whatever you feed your pet, make sure that it never gets left in his food plate too long that it spoils. You should also have a bit of variety of food available at any one time, so that your pet will not be forced to eat something they do not like when they get very hungry.

Choosing the right food:

At the pet shop, you will find food made especially for hamsters, chinchillas, rats and mice. You can even find a generic, one feed for all rodent mix. Those that come in plain brown pellets are processed grains ground up and dried so that they store well. These pellets are great as a staple food you can feed your pet everyday. You will also see mixed bags of seeds and nuts, which provide a colorful variety for your mouse. They are nutritious for your mouse but be sure to give them treats and snacks too.

It is recommended that you look for pre-made feed that is less than 13 per cent protein. This is because mice that live in cages do not need a lot of protein, and too much of it will just get them fat. Nuts such as sunflower seeds are rich in saturated fat and will get your mouse obese. Remember that rats and mice, just like people, can suffer from diabetes, and obesity.

For snacks, consider what do mice eat when looking at your own plate for dinner. Mice will eat anything you eat, like pasta, veggies, meat, eggs, milk, sweets, and even junk food. You can try feeding this to them and check if your pet likes to eat different kinds of snack food. Just be careful not to over feed your mouse with food high in msg and salt. You might give your mouse high blood pressure. When trying out new food, have other food around their plate too so your pet can choose and you will find out what do mice eat to make them happy. But because mice are curious little buggers, they will check out whatever new food you introduce to them before deciding if they like it or not.

What do mice like to do?

Putting in new food and new toys in your pets cage will keep them happy and entertained. After cleaning their cage, give them a new treat or toy. Mice like to store food, in case of a rainy day. Small hiding places are great storage places, your little guy will be hiding his stash here and there. If he really like a piece of food but can’t eat it right now, he’ll hide it.

They also enjoy small dark spaces to hide in and feel safe. This is their nest. When fixing up your pets cage, make sure they have some material they can burrow into, like grass or shredded paper. You can also make hiding places with cardboard tubes and small boxes like a toothpaste box or a toilet paper tube. If you keep their environment interesting, they will spend hours exploring and improving their surroundings which is a delight to watch.

Simple toys are the most exciting things for mice. But whatever toy you choose, never put anything sticky like tape in a mouse cage because their fur will stick and pull off. Make sure all your mouse toys are safe.

It really is a lot of fun caring for a pet mouse. But before you go to the pet store to buy one, do all your research on what do mice eat and on their proper care. Do not buy one male and one female because mice multiply really fast. If they escape, they are considered a pest and could end up in dangerous situations. If you already have a cat in the house, having the cat “accidentally” kill your mouse can be heartbreaking.

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